Projects collaborative and billateral collaborations

Associate Team RESIST (2021-2023)

Resilient Software Science

RESIST is a research associate team (2021-2023), between the DiverSE team at Inria (France) and the VIAS and COMPLEX teams from Simula (Norway).

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CEA/Inria project Debug4Science (2020-2022)

Debuging facilities for scientific computing languages

Debug4Science is a bilateral collaboration, between the CEA DAM/DIF and the DiverSE team at Inria. The project aims to propose a disciplined approach to develop domain-specific debugging facilities for Domain-Specific Languages within the context of scientific computing and numerical analysis.

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Safran/Inria/CNRS project GLOSE (2018-2021)

GLObalization in Systems Engineering

GLOSE is a project that develops new techniques for heterogeneous modeling and simulation in the context of systems engineering.

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Obeo/Inria project Kaulua (2018-2020)

Web-based Modeling Environments

Kaulua is a bilateral collaboration, between the DiverSE team at Inria, and the SME Obeo.

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French Research Network IDM4SCO (2018-2019)

Model-Driven Engineering for Complex Systems

IDM4SCO brings together researchers from Computational Science and Computer Science, with a common interest in the use of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) to build software related to complex systems.

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Associate Team ALE (2017-2022)

Agile Language Engineering

ALE is a research associate team (2017-2022), between the DiverSE team at Inria (France) and the SWAT team at CWI (The Netherlands).

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ANR INS Project GEMOC (2012-2016)

A Tool-Supported Approach for Omniscient Debugging and Concurrent Execution of Heterogeneous Models

The ANR INS project GEMOC is a French collaborative project that investigates a modular executable metamodeling approach and the definition of a behavioral language interface to be used for expressing behavioral coordination patterns between languages.

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CNRS PICS Project MBSAR (2013-2015)

Model-Based Security Analysis at Runtime

MBSAR is a collaboration between the Software Assurance Lab from Colorado State University and the Triskell team at IRISA. MBSAR is a 3-year project (2013-2015) funded by the CNRS in the context of the program PICS.

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CNRS GDR GPL Action GEMOC (2011)

Software Engineering for Heterogeneous Software systems

French collaborative project to establish a state of the art with regards to heterogeneous modeling and simulation of complex soft-intensive systems.

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