The GEMOC Initiative On the Globalization of Modeling Languages

GEMOC is an open and international initiative that aims to coordinate and disseminate the research results regarding the support of the coordinated use of various modeling languages that will lead to the concept of the globalization of modeling languages.

GEMOC develops techniques, frameworks, and environments to facilitate the creation, integration, and automated processing of heterogeneous modeling languages. All the results are seamlessly integrated in the Eclipse GEMOC Studio.

The GEMOC Initiative

GEMOC focuses on three design and validation issues in complex software-intensive systems

  1. Consider various concerns. Multiple stakeholders are involved in the design process, each with a specific domain expertise. Stakeholders express their perspective with their own language, which then must be composed for global analysis and execution.
  2. Integrate heterogeneous parts. Complex systems integrate different devices specialized for different applications to deliver a global service. Thus, communication and synchronization must be modeled to compose heterogeneous parts and characterize the emerging behavior.
  3. Deal with evolution and openness. It is not possible to establish an exhaustive, finite list of domain languages, communication and timing models. Thus, tools and environments must be open and allow the evolution or the creation of languages and models.

GEMOC is tightly connected to the Eclipse Foundation through both the Eclipse GEMOC Research Consortium and the Eclipse GEMOC Studio. Read this article for more information on the Eclipse-GEMOC relationship.

The Eclipse GEMOC Research Consortium

The GEMOC Community


GEMOC is a community involving worldwide researchers and practitioners from academia and industry. The initiative is open to anyone willing to share problems, experiences and solutions related to the globalization of modeling languages.

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The GEMOC initiative supports the GEMOC workshop series at the MODELS conference, and supports the organization of various additional events (workshops, seminars, meetings) on the topic of the globalization of modeling languages.

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The GEMOC initiative is supported by different projects that explore several dimensions of tools and methods in software language engineering (SLE) related to the globalization of modeling languages.

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The Eclipse GEMOC Studio

Execution, Animation and Debug

A tool-supported approach to complement a modeling language with execution semantics, and automatically get an advanced and extensible environment for model simulation, animation and omniscient debugging.

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Concurrency Analysis

Complement an executable modeling language with a formal model of concurrency to reason over temporal properties of concurrent or distributed systems (e.g., for design space exploration, scheduling, allocation analysis, etc.).

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Behavioral Coordination

Reify behavioral coordination patterns between behavioral interfaces of domain-specific languages to automatically support the (time/data-driven) concurrent execution of, possibly heterogeneous, models.

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The Eclipse GEMOC Studio is an Eclipse product (on top of Eclipse Modeling, Xtext and Sirius), which integrates the Eclipse technologies produced by the GEMOC community, as well as various examples, documentations, and tutorials.