GEMOC Meeting 2013 July 1st, 2013, Polytech’Montpellier, France


Context and Objectives

Modern software-intensive systems serve diverse stakeholder groups and thus must address a variety of stakeholder concerns. These concern spaces are often associated with specialized description languages and technologies that are based on concern-specific problem and solution concepts. Software developers are thus faced with the challenging task of integrating the different languages and associated technologies used to produce software artifacts in the different concern spaces.

GEMOC is an open initiative that aims to develop breakthrough software language engineering (SLE) approaches that support global software engineering through the use of multiple domain-specific languages. GEMOC researchers aim to provide effective SLE solutions to problems associated with the design and implementation of collaborative, interoperable and composable modeling languages.

The GEMOC initiative aims to provide a framework that facilitates collaborative work on the challenges of using of multiple domain-specific languages in software development projects. The framework consists of mechanisms for coordinating the work of members, and for disseminating research results and other related information on GEMOC activities. The framework also provides the required infrastructure for sharing artifacts produced by members, including publications, case studies, and tools.

The GEMOC initiative meeting will provide an open forum for sharing experiences, problems and solutions on the conjoint use of multiple modeling languages. This meeting will be the place where concrete artifacts, ideas and opinion are exchanged and constructive feedback provided. A major objective is to encourage collaborations and to start building a community that is focused on solving the problems arising from such a globalization of modeling languages.


Morning session

The morning session is open to anyone wishing to have an overview of the current investigations realized in the context of the GEMOC initiative.

  • 09:30-10:00: Welcome, and general presentation of the GEMOC initiative (B. Combemale)
  • 10:00-10:30: Language workbenches for model and language heterogeneity #1 (GEMOC Studio, J. DeAntoni)
  • 10:30-11:00: coffee break
  • 11:00-11:30: Language workbenches for model and language heterogeneity #2 (ModHel’X, F. Boulanger)
  • 11:30-12:00: Language workbenches for model and language heterogeneity #3 (Neverlang, W. Cazzola)
  • 12:00-12:15: Conclusion, and agenda of the afternoon session
  • 12:15-02:00: lunch

Afternoon session

The afternoon session is open to all members of the GEMOC initiative, and anyone interested in joining the it.

  • 02:00-02:15: Round table and news about the initiative
  • 02:15-03:30: Working session about model and language composability (relations, differences)
  • 03:30-04:00: coffee break
  • 04:00-05:00: Working session about the scope and roadmap of the GEMOC initiative
  • 05:00-05:15: Conclusion (actions, collaborations…)


The GEMOC Initiative meeting is part of the Research Project Symposium of the ECOOP, ECMFA and ECSA 2013 co-located conferences. The meeting will take place at Polytech’Montpellier (see Satellite Events Venue).


The GEMOC initiative meeting is organized by the members of the GEMOC Advisory Board.