French Research Network on Model-Driven Engineering for Complex Systems

Ingénierie Dirigée par les Modèles pour les Systèmes Complexes (IDM4SCO)
Supported by RNSC


IDM4SCO, the French Research Network on Model-Driven Engineering for Complex Systems, brings together researchers from Computational Science and Computer Science working in different fields (climate change, biology, epidemiology, agronomy, etc.), with a common interest in the use of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) to build software related to complex systems.


MDE is a software engineering displine that promote the use of modeling languages to support separation of concerns and automated generation of major system artifacts (e.g., test cases, implementations) from models. Various domain-specific modeling languages and language workbenches have been recently developed among the IDM4SCO partners: the language OCELET (CIRAD) to model spacial dynamics, the language KENDRICK (IRD) for epidemiological modelign and simulation,the Eclipse GEMOC Studio (Inria / Univ. Toulouse), incl. a specific application to farming system modeling (INRIA/INRA/Obeo, or IRSTEA).


IDM4SCO aims to support collaborations among the partners working in MDE applied to complex systems, and to promote the use of modeling techniques near to modellers (e.g., scientist) of any displines.


IDM4SCO supports workshops for setting up a national network on MDE for complex systems, and specific meetings to start a long-term support of the research field with core partners.
More information to be published soon on future workshops and meetings.


Here will be listed the most relevant publications for IDM4SCO from the participating partners.


Benoit Combemale, Univ. Toulouse, IRIT CNRS Lab (co-PI)
Serge Stinckwich, UCN & UMI UMMISCO 209, IRD/UPMC/UY1 (co-PI)