GEMOC Studio V3.0.0rc4 2018/06/22

This is the third official pre-release since the projet has moved to Eclipse organization.

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GEMOC Studio 3.0.0rc4 (2018/06/22)

This software is provided for all major OS.

The GEMOC Studio contains components supporting the GEMOC methodology for building and composing executable DSMLs.

It includes the two workbenches:

  • The GEMOC Language Workbench, intended to be used by language designers: it allows building and composing new executable DSMLs.
  • The GEMOC Modeling Workbench, intended to be used by domain designers: it allows creating and executing, debugging and animating models conformant to executable DSMLs.

1. New and noteworthy

1.1. Reminder of 3.0.0rc1 changes

  • naming now follows eclipse conventions (
  • Studio is based on Eclipse Oxygen
  • improved test suites
  • introduction of DSL file support
  • introduction of behavioral interface support
  • continuous integration on
  • and some bug fixes

1.2. Reminder of rc2 changes

  • Eclipse platform base is now Oxygen.3
  • Waiting for a better integration in the official build, the Concurrent engine is now available via the Discovery.
  • DSL file grammar is now based on a grammar similar to java properties grammar
  • Improved Discovery
  • improved robustness of messaging system
  • Release engineering improvements
  • re-activated equivalency classes computing
  • upgraded version of Melange

1.3. Reminder of rc3 changes

  • new Official example: K3FSM; It features a simple language with xtext/Sirius animation.
  • improved DSL editor (with syntax highlighting)
  • new documentation structure; now also available as webhelp online.
  • management improvement of parallel steps in debuggers
  • cleanup of some useless plugins (svn, cvs)
  • upgraded version of Melange
  • and some refactoring and bug fixes

1.4. New in rc4

  • minor fixes in official example: K3FSM.
  • support for java 9.
  • better support of gtk3 on Linux.

2. List of Pull Requests in this release

The full history is also available in the at the root of each repository.

2.1. Pull Requests in repository gemoc-studio


Bug Fixes:

  • [bug] Fixes K3FSM example #89
  • [bug] Change start option for java9 and gtk3 support #69

Release Engineering

  • [releng] Show summary of checked out branches in multibranch pipeline #92

2.1. Pull Requests in repository gemoc-studio-modeldebugging


No changes since 3.0.0-rc3; see the changelog to know about changes of previous release candidates.