GEMOC Studio V3.0.0rc2 2018/03/27

This is the second official pre-release since the projet has moved to Eclipse organization.

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GEMOC Studio 3.0.0rc2 (2018/03/27)

This software is provided for all major OS.

The GEMOC Studio contains components supporting the GEMOC methodology for building and composing executable DSMLs.

It includes the two workbenches:

  • The GEMOC Language Workbench, intended to be used by language designers: it allows building and composing new executable DSMLs.
  • The GEMOC Modeling Workbench, intended to be used by domain designers: it allows creating and executing, debugging and animating models conformant to executable DSMLs.

1. New and noteworthy

1.1. Reminder of 3.0.0rc1 changes

  • naming now follows eclipse conventions (
  • Studio is based on Eclipse Oxygen
  • improved test suites
  • introduction of DSL file support
  • introduction of behavioral interface support
  • continuous integration on
  • and some bug fixes

1.2. New in rc2

  • Eclipse platform base is now Oxygen.3
  • Waiting for a better integration in the official build, the Concurrent engine is now available via the Discovery.
  • DSL file grammar is now based on a grammar similar to java properties grammar
  • Improved Discovery
  • updated Melange version
  • improved robustness of messaging system
  • Release engineering improvements
  • re-activated equivalency classes computing
  • upgraded version of Melange

2. List of Pull Requests in this release

2.1. Pull Requests in repository gemoc-studio


  • [enhancement][refactoring] Change grammar of DSL file to a grammar similar to Java property file #40

Bug Fixes:

  • [bug] Improve Discovery error reporting in case of incorrect configuration #53
  • [bug] ensures to run changeStyle in an UI thread when printing large messages on console #44

Version upgrades

  • [bump] Upgrade to Melange 2018-01-19 #48
  • [bump][releng] Update tycho to version 1.0.0 #34

Release Engineering

  • [releng] Releng improvements #50

2.1. Pull Requests in repository gemoc-studio-modeldebugging


  • [enhancement] re-activate equivalency classes computing #22
  • [enhancement] Add a default value that should be used for swtbot tests of gemoc #19

Version upgrades

  • [bump] Update tycho to version 1.0.0 #13