GEMOC Studio V2.1.0 2016/03/16

Major release. This is the version presented to the ANR.

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GEMOC Studio 2.1.0 (2016/03/16)

This software is provided for all major OS: Windows 32 and 64 bit, Linux 32 and 64 bit and Mac OS X.

The GEMOC Studio contains components supporting the GEMOC methodology for building and composing executable DSMLs.

It includes the two workbenches:

  • The GEMOC Language Workbench, intended to be used by language designers: it allows building and composing new executable DSMLs.
  • The GEMOC Modeling Workbench, intended to be used by domain designers: it allows creating and executing, debugging and animating models conformant to executable DSMLs.

1. New and noteworthy

The purpose of this section is to highligth some of the work done on the GEMOC Studio between this version v2.0.1 (see v2.0.1 release note).


1.1 Introduction of Melange

Melange ( is now use as a replacement of the xdsml model in order to finely specify the language assembly.

Using this technology will enable future scenario when creating languages

1.2 Improved Coordination

In the language workbench, the coordination specification now has its own project nature that simplificy the development and deployment of coordination operators (written BCOoL).

In the modeling workbench, a BFloW specification allow to specify how a particular system (and its models) must be coordinated. BFLoW enables a system designer to specify how a set of BCOoL operators are applied between a set of models

1.3 new languages available via the Discovery

The GEMOC component discovery now propose several new languages and coordination operator examples.


1.4 New Update site

The GEMOC component are now available via an update site that allow to install only some subset of it.

The last stable version is available at the following adress :

Other versions (including older versions) are available at the following adress:

This allows to install the subset of components required for sub scenario:

  • Model debuging: (sequential) execution, trace management and animation

    Xtend/Java, generative approach for trace management, generic execution engine, generic animation


  • Concurrency modeling and analysis: (concurrent) execution, and analysis tools

    model debugging + MoccML, ECL/GEL, Timesquare, concurrent execution engine, analysis tools

  • Behavioral coordination of, possibly heterogeneous, models: coordination engine

    concurrency + BCOoL, coordination execution engine

1.5 Enable generation of Eclipse-SourceReferences MANIFEST header

The GEMOC component are now bundled with Eclipse-SourceReferences information. This allows to import sources of the GEMOC components directly connected to their specific version in host git repository.

2. Bug fix and feature request implemented

Many bugs and feature have been soved in this release. This include the following:

2.1 List of bug fixed in this release

(ie. bug fixed since V2.0.1)

  • #19219 Order of Stimuli, Engine and LogicalStep views creation not ensured leads to view crash
  • #19829 Debug stack of concurrent execution isn’t clear enough about its content

  • #19022 Bug in the Java service created when using the wizard to create the debug layer
  • #19867 right click on .ad file “Debug as” doesn’t show the action used to create the launchconfigurations

  • #19965 unclear UI distinction between run and replay that is supported by the various engine+trace when going back then forward again
  • #19970 The “Create GEMOC debug representation” representation wizard fails
  • #20005 in launch configuration, error messages in the addons aren’t clear
  • #20006 Rename Event Scheduling Timeline and Addon into MultiBranch …in all the UI
  • #20008 Sirius palette isn’t fold when running the animation
  • #20019 new Animation Project doesn’t set the plugin dependencies to framework
  • #20021 A concurrent project is created but canno’t be choiced in MW execution configuration
  • #20023 too much categories for GEMOC views
  • #20031 Crash or missing display when closing/reopening the Multidimentional timeline
  • #20032 Crash of the wizard to create the debug layer when using project name with uppercase letter
  • #20040 Create Sirius Animator project does not generate correct odesign and services
  • #20052 Melange autogeneration of plugin.xml is launched 2 times and the second one doesn’t generates the list of aspects
  • #20057 default “Ecore base package name” is not preset anymore in K3 wizard since we use melange
  • #20069 plugin gemoc.documentation is too big
  • #20115 create domain model project from melange does’nt create the same project by default
  • #20116 Create Domain project doesn’t update melange file if using right click on xdsml project
  • #20117 NPE when trying to create animation odesign

2.2 List of feature request

(i.e. done since V2.0.1)

  • #16493 using gemoc process wizard should propose default names when creating projects
  • #19633 Add a check about correct compilation of ECL file
  • #20038 Create Sirius Editor project wizard should use the xdsml project name to initialize its fields
  • #19967 Concurrent debug stack should use the “Cat footprint” icon when displaying a LogicalStep
  • #20036 initial values in GEMOC melange template wizard should be derived from project name
  • #19686 Addons that have an associated view should open when the engine starts
  • #19718 Select the model element in the resource that will be the execution root /entry point
  • #19772 Show an error in the QVTo file if it is not generated correctly
  • #19813 Sirus Animator Project information not initialiszed when created from the xDSML viewpoint.
  • #19819 ClockSystem should be packaged as external component
  • #19840 Support syntax coloring in documentation toolchain
  • #19965 unclear UI distinction between run and replay that is supported by the various engine+trace when going back then forward again
  • #19971 Wizard “New Kermeta 3 project” has a very narrow textfield.
  • #20003 Creating a Trace Addon project should ask the user about the project name
  • #20004 In sequential launcher, the selected model element is given via its URIFragment, it should be also presented using a more user friendly name
  • #20009 Multidimentional Timeline should present differently the incoming lines from outgoing
  • #20010 Multidimensionnal timeline global state should be larger than just one bullet,
  • #20012 Sequential Stack icons seems incoherent in some cases
  • #20013 In sequential interaction/error report when going back and modifying value need some clarification
  • #20014 improve used header space in multidimensional timeline by placing the jump button in the swt part
  • #20015 improve used header space in multidimensional timeline by using an horizotal scroll bar or move icon
  • #20016 in Melange Ctrl click on ECL should open the ecl file
  • #19843 Add a section about deployment of language in the documentation
  • #20029 Sequential Debug Stack view should try to use the QualifiedNameProvider to improve the label in a “model oriented way”
  • #20033 Deploy Activity diagram language project and model example as a Sample deployer via amalgam
  • #20034 Deploy ArduinoModeling language projects and model example as a Sample deployer via amalgam