GEMOC Studio V2.3.1 2017/09/15

This is a maintenance release built for Models 2017.

Eclipse package (click to expand)

Download the Eclipse IDE package (~600Mo)

GEMOC Studio 2.3.1 (2017/09/15)

This software is provided for all major OS in 64 bit only: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. (for a 32 bit version please use previous release)

This version patched from 2.3.0 2017-02-27.

The GEMOC Studio contains components supporting the GEMOC methodology for building and composing executable DSMLs.

It includes the two workbenches:

  • The GEMOC Language Workbench, intended to be used by language designers: it allows building and composing new executable DSMLs.
  • The GEMOC Modeling Workbench, intended to be used by domain designers: it allows creating and executing, debugging and animating models conformant to executable DSMLs.

1. New and noteworthy

The purpose of this section is to highlight some of the work done on the GEMOC Studio since previous releases.

1.1 Upgrade to Eclipse Neon and alignment of all dependencies

This version is based on Eclipse Neon. This also includes internal component dependencies which are aligned to the components distributed with the Eclipse release train. For example : it now uses Xtext 2.10.x, Sirius 4.1.2, OCL 5.0.0, …

1.2 Official support of language inheritance to build editors and animators.

Thanks to Melange, it is now possible to build the animator as a language extension of a parent language.

In such scenario, the parent language supports the edition services. The child language inherits from it in order to define the concepts and attributes required for the execution and animation.
From the model designer point of view, she is editing model conformant to the parent language. When running the model, Melange will seamlessly convert the model into its executable variant in order to support the animation extension.

This is illustrated with the new version of the Sequential FSM example which is bundled in the Studio.

1.3 Improved UI for BCOoL

Some new wizards have been added in order to create BCOoL projects and files.

1.4 Improved Timeline

A diff viewer is now also available in order to compare execution traces.

1.5 Improvement of the Trace generator

Various bug fix have been done on this component.

2. Bug fix and feature request implemented

Many bugs and feature have been solved in this release. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

2.1 List of bug fixed in this release

(ie. bug fixed since V2.2.0)

  • Studio Bug #30; Creating a new GEMOC Language project cannot complete if there is no preexisting ecore file.
  • Studio Bug #31; String written reversed in Melange new project template.
  • Fix Melange loading problem when using both language inheritance and xText editor.

2.2 List of feature request

(i.e. done since V2.2.0)