The GEMOC Studio Tutorials

  • Language Engineering with The GEMOC Studio: Development of a simplified version of a modeling language for StateMachine and its integration into the MontiArc component & connector ADL with Kermeta and the GEMOC Studio. This tutorial has been given at ICSA 2017.
  • Language Engineering with The GEMOC Studio: Extension of a given finite state machine DSL in terms of syntax and concurrency aware semantics using the language workbench of the GEMOC Studio. This tutorial has been given at MODELS 2017.
  • Language Design & Model Execution with xMOF and GEMOC Studio: demonstrate how to make the predefined FSM language, a simple Ecore-based language for defining finite state machines, executable with xMOF, and how to execute and debug FSM models.
  • Marked Graph tutorial (or chunked version): quick example to demonstrate how to define an execution semantics and graphical animation for a highly concurrent language, Marked Graph. (Uses GEMOC MoccML Engine)
  • SigPML tutorial (or chunked version): Development of a Signal Processing Modeling Language. (Uses GEMOC MoccML Engine)
In the GEMOC documentation, the DIY section of the official examples also provide tutorial material:
  • DIY section of the K3FSM official example: The example focuses on the tooling of a single language (FSM) with the following tools: Tree editor, Xtext Editor, Graphical Sirius Editor and Animator, GEMOC Java Engine (Ie. using a Sequential approach), and Model execution with debugging and animation capabilities.