SigPML overview

Table of Contents

1. SigPML overview
2. Import and install the projects for the abstract and concrete syntax
2.1. Abstract and concrete syntax of the SigPML language projects
2.2. SigPML abstract syntax
2.3. SigPML concrete syntax and sample model
3. Creating an xDSML Project
3.1. Open xDSML root definition
4. SigPML execution semantics
4.1. Execution semantics overview
4.2. DSA definition
4.2.1. Extending the Ecore definition
4.2.2. Creating the DSA project
4.2.3. Implementation of the DSA
4.3. MoCCML definition
4.3.1. Creating the MoCCML project
4.3.2. Implementation of the MoCCML
4.4. DSE definition
4.4.1. Creating the ECL project
4.4.2. Implementation of the ECL
4.5. Create an animator
4.5.1. Creating the Animator project as a Sirius viewpoint
5. SigPML modeling workbench
5.1. Launch the Modeling workbench creation (Start a new Eclipse)
5.2. Import the project with a sample model
5.3. Create a debug launch configuration
5.4. Start the model
5.5. Select a logical step
5.6. Select a logical step in the past
5.7. Stop the animation
5.8. This is the end