Action Language for EMF

First steps

Get the HelloWorld example

Available here:

//TODO: make a downloadable .zip

What we have inside

The interesting files of the helloworld project are inside the folder model:

By openning HelloWorld.aird you will see:


All members of HelloWorld are bold since they are defined inside HelloWorld.ale which looks like:

behavior HelloWorld;

open class HelloWorld {
	String msg := 'Hello world!';
	override EString greeting () {
		result := self.msg;
	def void entryPoint() {

We are implementing the EOperation greeting() by returning the value of msg.
msg is a runtime data since it is defined inside HelloWorld.ale and not HelloWorld.ecore

entryPoint() is a new operation added to the EClass HelloWorld and is declared as the entry point for the execution thanks to @main


To launch the execution do a right click on HelloWolrd.dsl and select Run As > Ale Launch
Then type *xmi and select HelloWorld.xmi

The console will show the result:

Run HelloWorld.dsl
Hello world!

To go further have a look to the MiniFsm tutorial or the Reference page