The associated team Resilient Software Science (RESIST_EA) will research the foundations of “Resilient Software” – software systems which can resist failures without significantly degrading their functionality. Over the past years, resilient software systems have become extremely important in various application domains. By combining Inria’s and Simula´s expertise in software engineering, resilient software, and AI-based software testing, the RESIST_EA associate team will address the following challenges:

The goal of the RESIST_EA associate team is to explore the science of resilient software by foundational work on advanced a priori testing methods such as metamorphic testing and a posteriori continuous improvements through digital twins.

The RESIST_EA associate team will be composed of sixteen researchers, ten from the Simula departments VIAS and COMPLEX within the Software Engineering area and six researchers from the DiverSE team at Inria Rennes. The associate team will be jointly led by Associate Professor Mathieu Acher at the University of Rennes, and Research Professor Arnaud Gotlieb from Simula in Norway.

Here are a few pointers:

BREAKING NEWS RESIST_EA will apply for renewal in 2023 with a renewed set of objectives and topics, and new members.

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