ALE contributes to the following language workbenches:

ALE researchers also initiated the development of:

  • the ALE language, an Action Language for EMF that allows to “re-open” the EClasses from Ecore metamodels to implement existing EOperations and weave new features or new operations. The ALE language has been contributed to the Eclipse project Ecore tools.
  • the Rascal-Ecore library, which bridges the textual Rascal language workbench and the Ecore modeling eco system. In particular, in supports live, online synchronization of both source code and modeling artifacts.
  • PRISM, enabling (i) language users to manipulate language constructs in the most appropriate shape according to the task at hand, and (ii) language designers to combine the strengths of different technologies for a single DSL.
  • Nextep, a meta-language and environment to make languages “live”.