GLObalization in Systems Engineering
Safran, Inria & CNRS


GLOSE is a collaboration between Safran, the teams DiverSE, Hycomes and KAIRIOS at Inria, and the team SM@RT at the CNRS IRIT lab.

The project develops new techniques for heterogeneous modeling and simulation in the context of systems engineering. The project is funded in the context of the network DESIR, and supported by the GEMOC initiative.


The simulation of system-level models requires coordinating physical models with software models. These models are developed and maintained by different stakeholders, e.g., physics engineers, control engineers and software engineers, according to different fondations: 3D finite-elements models with partial differential equations, finite-dimension 0D models expressed with differential and algebraic ordinary equations, or directly as C code embedding both the differential equations and its discretization scheme.


GLOSE aims to provide formal and operational tools and methods to formalize the behavioral semantics of the various modeling languages used at system-level. These semantics will be used to extract behavioral language interfaces supporting the definition of coordination patterns. These patterns, in turn, can systematically be used to drive the coordination of any model conforming to these languages.

The project is structured according to the following tasks: concurrent xDSML engineering, coordination of discrete models, and coordination of discrete/continuous models.


Here will be listed all the public publications resulting from GLOSE.


All research breakthroughs achieved in GLOSE result in software components integrated into the GEMOC studio.

The GEMOC Studio brings techniques, frameworks, and environments together to facilitate the creation, integration, and automated processing of heterogeneous modeling languages. The studio is sustained as a research platform, hosted as an Eclipse project part of the Research Consortium GEMOC.

The Research Consortium GEMOC is intended to federate the research results regarding the support of the coordinated use of various modeling languages that will lead to the concept of globalization of modeling languages.


Benoit Combemale, PI for CNRS, team SM@RT
Julien Deantoni, PI for Inria, team KAIROS
Luca Palladino, PI for Safran

Olivier Barais, Inria, team DiverSE
Johann Bourcier, Inria, team DiverSE
Benoit Caillaud, Inria, team Hycomes
Anaël Megna, Safran & CNRS, team SM@RT
Maurice Theobald, Safran
Didier Vojtisek, Inria, team DiverSE
Research Software Engineer (to be hired), Inria, team DiverSE
Post-doctoral researcher (to be hired), Inria, team Hycomes
PhD Student (to be hired), Safran & Inria, team KAIROS