Chapter 3. Creating an xDSML Project

First, start by creating a new xDSML project (New > Project > GEMOC Gemoc Concurrent / Gemoc Concurrent xDSML Project), with your desired name, for instance "org.gemoc.sample.SigpmlTuto". The next figure illustrates the xDSML wizard with the reference to the ecore project which containts the ecore model. The two others projects will be created next in the tutorial.

xDSML wizard definition. xDSML wizard with all the constituents

The wizard creates a Melange project as the root project of our xDSML to aggregate all the definitions of the composite parts.

3.1. Open xDSML root definition

The result of the xDSML is a project inclunding the Melange file. The Melange file defines a language including a reference on the abstract syntax ecore model.

The Melange file result. Domain model selection