Chapter 2. Import and install the projects for the abstract and concrete syntax

2.1. Abstract and concrete syntax of the SigPML language projects

The abstract and the concrete syntax of SigPML language projects are provided as two archive files to download and extract in your file system.

The abstract syntax is given through a Ecore project The Ecore project. Or, you can create an Ecore project with the provided Ecore file.

The graphical concrete syntax is defined with the Sirius component. We provide a Sirius project as a zip file. You can also make your own Sirius project and use the online Sirius tutorial and the online Sirius Documentation.

The graphical editor model is given through a Sirius project as the graphical syntax of your DSML The Sirius project.

Or you can create a Sirius project with the provided odesign file The odesign file.