8.2. Using it in the ECL file

To use this new library, we only have to import it at the beginning of the ECL file and the we can use it as kernel.lib and CCSL.lib libraries.

Here is the new ECL file.

The file MarkedGraphL.ecl using the MoCCML library. 

import 'platform:/resource/org.gemoc.sample.markedgraph.model/model/markedgraph.ecore'

ECLimport "platform:/plugin/fr.inria.aoste.timesquare.ccslkernel.model/ccsllibrary/kernel.ccslLib"
ECLimport "platform:/plugin/fr.inria.aoste.timesquare.ccslkernel.model/ccsllibrary/CCSL.ccslLib"
ECLimport "platform:/resource/org.gemoc.sample.markedgraph.mocc/mocc/markedgraph.moccml"

package markedgraph

	context MarkedGraph
		def: initIt: Event = self.initialize()

	context Transition
		def: fireIt: Event = self.fire()

	context Place
		inv placeReadAndWrite:
			let delay: Integer = self.tokenCount in
				Relation placeReadWrite(self.output.fireIt, self.input.fireIt, delay)

	context MarkedGraph
        inv initFirst:
                let firstInit : Event = Expression OneTickAndNoMore(self.initIt) in
                let allFire : Event = Expression Union(self.transitions.fireIt) in
                let firstOfAllFire : Event = Expression OneTickAndNoMore(allFire) in
                Relation Precedes(firstInit, firstOfAllFire)

        inv onlyOneInit:
                let firstInit2 : Event = Expression OneTickAndNoMore(self.initIt) in
                Relation Coincides(self.initIt, firstInit2)