Chapter 8. Going further…​

To improve readability of the ECL file and also to favor capitalization and reuse of MoCC elements, it is possible (and encouraged) to define libraries. Those libraries looks like the predefined ones that we have already used like kernel.lib and CCSL.lib.

8.1. Define a MoCCML library using CCSL

Using the GEMOC Studio, we start by defining a MoCCML project. In the xDSML view, we select Behavioral definition / MoCC definition library to create this new project.

We can then define in this project the following markedgraph.ccslLib file. TODO: To be corrected.

The file markedgraph.ccslLib defining a MoCCML library. 

Unresolved directive in GuideTutorialMarkedGraph.asciidoc - include::MarkedGraph/markedgraph.ccslLib[Definition of a MoCCML library]