Chapter 7. Using breakpoints

To be able to debug a model, we need to complete the org.gemoc.sample.markedgraph.animation project using the Language Workbench.

The "Debug" layer which has been generated has to be completed and corrected. A future version of the GEMOC Studio will tackle down the burdon.

7.1. Complete the org.gemoc.sample.markedgraph.animation project

7.1.1. Define breakable elements

On the "Mapping Based Decoration Enabled breakpoint" and "Mapping Based Decoration Disabled breakpoint" of the "Debug" layer, under "Decorations" element, select the "Place" and "Transition" element. Change "Position" to "North East".

It indicates that a breakpoint can be enabled or disabled on Place and Transition elements of a MarkedGraph model. It will be graphically shown as icon displayed in the corresponding graphical element, at the nort east.

In both mappings, change the directory of the icon from "org.gemoc.executionframework.extensions.sirius" to "org.gemoc.gemoc_heterogeneous_modeling_workbench.ui". Do the same change for the icons of "Operation Action Debug" and "Operation Action Toggle breakpoint".