Chapter 5. Execute a Model

The executable MarkedGraph Language is now defined. We can use the GEMOC Modeling Workbench to execute MarkedGraph models. In the next section, we will see how to define a graphical animation a MarkedGraph model.

5.1. Launch the Modeling WorkBench

First, we will create a run configuration. Select "run / run Configurations".

Select "run / run Configurations"

Figure 5.1. Select "run / run Configurations"

Double click on "Eclipse Application" and change the name "New Configuration" into "MarkedGraph Modeling Workbench".

Define the Marked Graph Modeling Workbench configuration

Figure 5.2. Define the Marked Graph Modeling Workbench configuration

Then click "Run" to start the new runtime Eclipse which indeed corresponds to the Modeling Workbench for MarkedGraph.