Chapter 3. Set up an xDSML project

In this section, we first create an xDSML project for MarkedGraph and initialize it with the provided Abstract Syntax (AS) and Concrete Syntax (CS).

First, check that the current perspective is "xDSML" (top right of Eclipse frame). The perspective can be changed thanks to the menu "Window > Open Perspective > Others".

3.1. Create an xDSML Project

Create a "New xDSML project" (New > Project > GEMOC Project / new GEMOC Concurrent xDSML Project).

Create a GEMOC Concurrent xDSML Project

Figure 3.1. Create a GEMOC Concurrent xDSML Project

The first dialog of the wizard asks for the name of the project. Define it as org.gemoc.sample.markedgraph.xdsml.

Define the name of the project

Figure 3.2. Define the name of the project

Click on Next and define the properties of the language (markedgraph). The 'Package' property is already defined (based on the project name). The othe properties include the name of melange file (used to link together the different parts on an xDSML), the name of the language and the location of the Ecore file. The two other properties 'DSA projects' and 'ECL path' will be created latter in this tutorial.

Use 'markedgraph' for the Melange file name, 'MarkedGraphL' for the Language name and select the markedgraph.ecore file by Browsing the 'org.gemoc.sample.markedgraph.model' project (found in 'model' directory).

Define the properties of the xDSML

Figure 3.3. Define the properties of the xDSML